Success Stories

By Far the Best Decision..

Getting my dog trained with The Noble Dogs (Grant) was by far the best decision I have made for my dog. She is a completely transformed dog for the better. Grant’s work is incredible and I am recommending The Noble Dogs to literally every person I know with a dog!

Bianca Libbon with "Bailey"

San Diego, California

I Have A Completely Trained Dog…

I contacted Grant when my 8 month old Vizsla Elli became more independent and started testing me. She was pulling, not listening, jumping when people would come to the door or walk by while she was on leash, running off, ect… I was at my wits end with her. After working with Grant for 10 weeks I am happy to say, I have a completely trained dog.

Haley Ercakbranch with "Elli"

San Diego, California

Added Relaxation To Our Lives…

We have a 15 lb maltipoo who at around the age of 8-10 months started to exhibit defensive aggression around other dogs, children, and male strangers, his aggression was becoming more serious by the week. Our dog is now very well trained, good with commands, walks off-leash without issue, and has so much more self-control. Our dog is much happier and relaxed, not worrying about his aggression has added the same happiness and relaxation to our lives.

Hannah Sons with "Bruiser"

San Diego, California

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