frequently asked questions

1. Why the noble dog way?


We are here to make your dream dog a reality and we guarantee the results! We use balanced training using the dogs’ daily meals to teach them what to do and then after hundreds of repetitions, we hold them accountable for noncompliance of known commands. We have learned that this approach creates a happier, more obedient and relaxed dog.  The noble dog way involves yes and no training this way the dog completely understands what it can and cannot do.


2. How do we do it?


We do all of the hard work during the first couple of weeks and then we team up and show you how to keep the results. Again we use the dogs daily food, e collar, prong collar and a long line leash.


 Week 1-  E Collar conditioning and basic obedience

Week 2- More E Collar conditioning with increased distractions

Week 3- In week 3 we start to test the dogs understanding around the highest levels of distractions and start using less leash and more e collar to bolster your dogs understanding of the stim. This is how you will eventually be able to have your dog fully off leash trained.

Week 4- Owner training and e collar practice. This is when we will work together the most. Answering final questions, setting up situations to test your dogs obedience 


3.What tools do we use (and why)?


We use the dogs daily food, E Collar Technologies mini educator, the herm sprenger prong collar and a long line leash. We have found a combination of these tools gets the best results and creates the happiest dogs and clients. We use the e collar not because it’s the last way, but because it’s the best way.


4. Will the prong collar or e collar hurt my dog?


No. The prong collar and e collar are actually the gentlest tools and most effective way to train your dog. Even safer than a flat buckle collar, choke chain, or slip lead leash if used correctly. 


5.How involved will I be?


For the first 2-3 weeks we will be working with your dog on our own, if you’d like to observe you are welcome to. Towards the end of the 3rd week we will be teaching you how to keep the results. We will be working hands on with you showing you how to keep the results and use the e collar correctly. We work together as a team to help create your dream dog! Our #1 priority is that your dog is hungry and eager to work. We cannot stress this enough. If your dog is not food motivated please only feed your dog during training and do not give any treats. Your dog will become food motivated. Even though we do all of the hard work during the first couple of weeks, it will be up to you to keep the results and that’s why we spend 3-5 days working hands on with you so you can feel confident interacting with your dog. Dog training is relationship based so the dogs will do what is asked when we ask but in order for the results to transfer over to you, you will have to practice and work with your dog. The follow up lessons and your continued efforts working with the dog are the most critical components of the training. It’s not always easy, but it’s as easy as it will ever get.


6.How is punishment used?


We use punishment to put an end to unwanted behaviors. 90-95% of the time we are giving food and teaching the dog what to do. The missing link is correcting the dog for noncompliance of a known command. We are NOT yelling at the dog it is actually a very calm “no” and then an applied punishment either with the leash or an e collar stim.


7. What kind of dogs do we train?


Any breed, any age, any gender.


8.Is my dog too old or young to be trained?

We can start your dog at around 16 weeks, but no dog is too old to learn the Noble Dogs way!


9.What kind of support will I have during/after my dog is trained?


When you hire us, you are beginning a new journey towards living the Noble Dogs way and it is a partnership.  You will have a 12 month insurance policy, phone support, email support, and access to our resources section on the website where many of your questions or concerns may be addressed. Also, if necessary, we will do in person follow ups during your 12 month insurance policy. 


10. Why do you train this way? 


Through our years of experience and working with countless dogs, we developed a method that allows your dog to reach its potential. Many trainers try to only use the dog food (which we also do) but we found a dog can only get so far with positive only training. Food is used to increase a dogs behavior and punishment is used to put an end to unwanted behavior. 


11. Will my dog always have to wear the collar?


Yes and No. Some dogs over time might be able to lose the collar but some will not. The E Collar Technologies Mini Educator was built and designed to last for years, do not be in a hurry to take it off when it makes life easier and safer for you, your dog and the general public. 

We hope that these FAQs answer all of your questions and concerns. Still curious about something?

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