the noble dogs

We at The Noble Dogs are here to make your dream dog a reality and we guarantee the results! We specialize in creating dogs that are trusted off leash around distractions, walk beautifully, play well with other dogs, and are friendly with strangers. We use a balanced approach to training that teaches the dog everything we want them to know through positive reinforcement and holds them to a high standard once they fully understand the expectations. We have found that training dogs first through positive reinforcement and then holding them accountable for non compliance creates the most happy, self reliant, relaxed, and obedient dogs.  We use ecollars, prong collars and food and found that this combo gets the best results and creates the happiest dogs and clients. Throughout this process we need to work as a team. Our #1 priority is that your dog is hungry and willing to work. we need your dog to eat its food within 15 minutes and do so enthusiastically. If your dog is not food motivated please only feed your dog during training and do not give treats. Your dog will become food motivated. The food will create a dog who loves learning and wants to overcome their inhibitions and mental hangups related to Dog Aggression, Human Aggression, and Fear and Insecurity. We will absolutely train your dog without food but only after you have tried your best to create a food motivated dog. We are extremely happy to help! We know we can and will create your dream dog! We love our job and know that is we work as a team and stick to the game plan you and your dog will be on the road to off leash freedom and becoming a Noble Dog!

Grant Noble


I spend my time learning from the worlds best trainers, coaching my staff and working with the most severe dog and human aggressive cases. I am extremely proud of my team and grateful for the amazing mentors that have supported and inspired me along the way!

Aaron Keller


I am one of the trainers here at The Noble Dogs. I grew up with a passion for animals and had dogs in my family ever since I can remember. Through my experience I found a new passion for helping others achieve results and having the dog of their dreams. I have successfully trained several dogs and clients who are currently living The Noble Dogs way!